Make Your Own Wedding Ring

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handmade 18ct Gold wedding rings
  • handmade 18ct Gold wedding rings
  • Hammering the rings
  • The metal ready to melt together
  • the gold in the ingot
  • Make Your Own Wedding Ring
  • the gold wire ready to be bent
  • the metal after being heated
  • Make Your Own Wedding Ring
  • sanding the rings
  • cutting the wire
  • hammering the rings
  • the happy couple with finished rings
  • beautiful finished rings
  • Rings being worn on the wedding day!
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What could be more special than hand crafting your own Wedding Rings? This is a unique and memorable experience, where you will make your very own wedding ring with the guidance of expert jeweller Alison Redman. In just one day, you and your partner will make a plain wedding ring in silver, gold or platinum from start to finish. Not only will you have beautiful rings that you created but you will have learnt some new skills. 

Once you have booked a day, Alison will get in touch and chat about the metal you would like to use and the profile of the band.
On the day Alison will have the metal waiting for you and then will guide you through the process of making your rings. Starting with annealing the metal, you will then bend the wire into a ring shape, solder the ends together, and then hammer them into a perfect round ring. You will then need to have a break for lunch which Alison will provide, as well as teas and coffees throughout the day. After lunch the rings will need to be filed and sanded to smooth off from soldering and then finally a polish. After the day I will send the rings off to the Assay Office to be hallmarked, which will take a week, then they will be ready for you to either collect, or posted to you.


How special is that?!

The price does not include the metal. Here are some prices as a guide only:

2 x Silver Rings will cost roughly £100

2 x  9ct Gold rings will cost roughly £360

2 x 18ct Gold Rings will cost roughly £900

2 x Platinum Rings will cost roughly £1350

I can also offer, if you have a an old piece of gold jewellery that you inherited that you just don't like or it is broken, the metal can be melted down and used in the rings, a great way to recycle the metal and make use of a unused piece of jewellery and you won't have the cost of the metal, just the cost of the day.


George and Katy wrote: 

'Making our rings with Ali was the highlight of organising our wedding. Right from the start of getting in touch with Ali she listened to exactly what we were after, put us at ease and made sure we were happy from start to finish. We were expecting Ali to do the majority of the making with us helping at points, but we couldn't be more wrong! Ali supervised us and explained every step of the process, but we did it all which made it extra special! Ali is welcoming and makes you feel so relaxed, we will never forget the day! 

We wear our rings every day and will be wearing them for many years to come and so to know that we have lovingly made them together rather than purchasing them from the high street makes them so much more sentimental. We always recommend Ali to everyone, why go anywhere else?!' 

To Book your day get in touch with Alison:  CONTACT US 

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