Silver Jewellery Making Class

Would you like to experience the joy of making your own silver jewellery? Of realising an idea you might have in your mind into real metal object?

Making jewellery is an incredibly rewarding experience. The process of changing hard metal into a shape, combining parts, seeing the heat make the metal glow and then the solder suddenly flow and smoothly join parts into a whole. Finally the polishing wheel reveals the slowing shine on a glossy metal that was previously dull and caked in oxidised flux and dirt.

Join one of Alison's jewellery making workshops and you'll learn the basic skills needed to create your very own piece of fine jewellery made with your own hand. Prices start from £50 for a 3 hour session including the cost of silver, and plenty of tea and coffee. Alison will only take a maximum of 5 people per workshop.

Courses are organised regularly, on a first-come-first-served basis. All you need to do is CONTACT US with your requirements and Alison will reply to you promptly.


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